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Alexandra received the Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec

Alexandra Bastien, Visual Artist,

Quebec National Assembly Medalist,

February 16, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015: The Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec will be presented today to the visual artist, Alexandra Bastien.

This medal is primarily to emphasize the artist's cultural contribution to both Quebec and Canada, as well as the growing international impact of this contribution.

Indeed, whether through her various exhibitions, both here and abroad, where in recent years her art has earned her dozens of awards and prizes, or for having been an inspiration to several hundred pencil artists from around the world, all these achievements have served to associate the name of Quebec in the public mind with an artist of an enormous talent recognized by all.

The Medal of the National Assembly is also to emphasize all the work and involvement of Alexandra Bastien in her community.

Thus, consider both the support and the visibility she gives to an organization like "Regard En Elle", whose spokeperson she has been since 2011, which helps victims of domestic violence. Or her involvement with the elderly, or with people suffering from psychological disorders: Alexandra Bastien has always been deeply committed, with whole her heart and with all her energy.

This honor is awarded her in recognition of her great determination, her passion for life, for art, for her desire to constantly improve and for her unfailing generosity.

As Alexandra Bastien is without a doubt a model of perseverance and tenacity, we want to emphasize in a special way the extraordinary path that this great artist from our country has chosen, by awarding her the Medal of the Quebec National Assembly.


Photo credit: Raymond Gervais With Lise Lavallée, Deputy of Repentigny, CAQ

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